Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jude Kai Redford's Baptism onboard USS LAKE ERIE (CG 70)

We were blessed to witness the Baptism of our very good friend's, Johhny and Gina Redford, son Jude Kai Redford on the bridge (this is where you drive the ship from) of the USS LAKE ERIE (CG 70).

This is an important day in the life of a young family, but also in the life of a ship because the Baby being Baptised gets his/her name engraved on the inside of the ship's bell. The ship's bell is also the place where the actual baptism takes place. Ship's bells are kept forever, even well after the ship is decommissioned and is no longer in service. Very Cool!

A view from the bridge of the USS LAKE ERIE (CG 70). You can see the Ford Island Bridge and the bow of the World War II Battle Ship Missouri.

Benjamin was keeping it real in his car seat... he was still tired from climbing the 8 ladders (or flights of stairs) to get to the bridge of the ship.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

We call dis "Siesta!"
Benjamin in one of his many new threads. I thought the shorts with cargo pockets was hilarious.... Benjamin doesn't agree. I wonder what he's going to put in those pockets.
In honor of Gary Coleman, "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BREAKING NEWS -- Benjamin slept a whole 6 hour stretch last night. It's that moment of wonder as two grown adults wake up at 3 O'clock in the morning and look at one another as if they don't know where they are. A quick glance at the clock and a sudden darting glance to the crib.... still there, and still sleeping. Thank you Benjamin - you make Mommy and Daddy very happy!

We gave Benjamin his first bath last night. And much to our surprise, he was very well behaved throughout the ordeal. Now Mom and Dad on the other hand, splashed about and raised a whole lot of commotion and excitement. It was as if a bath tub storm swirled around a calm, cool, and collect baby.

As promised, some video of Benjamin at the Gym doing some Tummy Time. Here's the warm up:And here's 1 of 2 sets across the blanket - FLASH LIGHTNING!!!

And here's Benjamin's trainers: HANZ and FRANZ, and "We're here to PUMP, YOU UP!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Navy Marine Corps Society Nurse Visit

BREAKING NEWS --- Benjamin's Umbilical Cord Stump fell off last night

We were so very fortunate today to have Benjamin's 2-week check up done at home by Nurse Charlotte. Only the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) offers a home visit by the "visiting nurses" (That's right, for Navy and Marine Corps only - just one more reason to Beat Army!) It was very comforting to share the 2 hours with Charlotte, where we could rapid fire questions and she could demonstrate on our real live test baby (Benjamin). Bottom line, Benjamin is a healthy little boy and what she describes a "feeder and a grower" and "long".

Weight status:
Birth.....................................8 lbs 2.4 oz
2 Day....................................7 lbs 15 oz
2 Weeks...............................9 lbs 1 oz

Additionally we learned all about "Tummy Time" and how this helps in Benjamin's development (next update will contain video of his "workout"). Mom and Dad have already mapped out a training plan to have Benjamin walking in about 2 or 3 weeks.

Benjamin worked so hard during his baby workout that he PASSED OUT (but you have to say it like Arnold Schwarzenegger or those clowns from Saturday Night Live on "Sprocketts, Time to Dance"); nevermind.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inside the Brain of Benjamin

I really, really, really love this lady... she's the one that feeds me. That other chump is the one who changes my dirty diapers. Let me get this straight, there's more to life than breastfeeding?Whatever, I've got it made in the shade. I'm going to breastfeed FOREVER!
Geesh! You weren't kidding, were you?Darn It Lady, I want answers.... NOW! While you're at it, get the guy that changes my diapers.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fans across America shout "More Banjamin, More Benjamin"!!!!!

Baby Ninjas and Momma Ninjas need their rest to continue their training.
Baby Ninjas are masters of disguise: Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth"!
This is how Baby Ninjas spend their evenings...
Baby Ninja in Training: Lotus Flower w/ Cobra Hand (All with his eyes closed)

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Breathing... and More Sleeping

It's been a few days and for Benjamin's adoring fans this can seem like an eternity, so here goes.

It's amazing what a difference 8 Days and some sleep makes. Benjamin has gone from feeding every hour (or in some cases every 45 minutes) through the night - Arghhhh, to a bit more manageable 3 to 4 hours between feedings - This makes Mom and Dad VERY HAPPY. Benjamin is becoming a bit more aware of his surroundings, indicative of a slight glance at Mom or Dad when they get within the 1 foot viewing range of all newborns. Mom and Dad are also beginning to pickup a lot of the subtle queues Benjamin likes to throw down, i.e. a gassy fussy versus a hungry fussy. Through it all, Benjamin has aquired a few personalities and nicknames associated with these alter egos:

- Drunk Monkey: Immediately after a good 30-minute feed, all muscles go limp and the head weighs heavy atop his little body. The milk mustache gives away his liquor of choice - the Milk!

- Baby Ninja: He's swift with his hands and quick to fend off a diaper change. He's even been known to projectile bodily fluids at his opponents (Mom and Dad). This Baby Ninja is only beginning to realize all of his true God-given powers. Mom knows she's safe home alone with a Baby Ninja to protect her.

- Harry Houdini: All newborns have tiny fingernails and the inability to control their own hands which result in a few scratches to the face unless they're either covered or straight-jacketed. Whatever we do to pretect Benjamin from himself (see Baby Ninja), he manages to escape a finger or an arm. We often wonder if he's hiding keys in his diaper.

We continue to have adoring Benjamin fans knocking down our doors. Our very good friends Ryan and Summer Wood came to seek the one they call "Baby Ninja":

Baby Ninja's (and Momma Ninja's) need their daily walk around the block to get some Fresh Air and Train:

Drunk Monkey:

Everybody loves videos:

Monday, May 17, 2010


Quick, Mom and Baby are sleeping - for now. Since I have a minute, let me try to recap.

11 - 12 May 2010

(1000) - Erika teaching at Water Aerobics Class complains of "Gas Pains" - the ladies she teaches tell her she's in labor. Erika is adamant it's "Gas Pains".

(1130) - Erika calls Greg says shes very uncomfortable because of "Gas Pains"

(1430) - A few phone calls back and forth Greg makes decision to leave work to be with Erika

(1530) - Greg arrives home, begins to time "Gas Pains" (just in case)

(1630) - The Stopwatch, Doctor, and Greg all agree that Erika's been in labor pretty much all day (contractions, previously described as "Gas Pains" are now 45-60 seconds long, 2.5-3 minutes apart)

(1730) - Arrive at Tripler Army Hospital. Erika refuses Wheelchair. (Why is she so tough?)

(1800) - Admitted to Birthing Triage (this is where they separate those in labor and those who think they're in labor). Erika is 7cm dilated and in Transition Labor.

(1900) - Move to Birthing Room.

(1900 - 2145) - Active Labor

(2145 - 0014) - Active Pushing

(2339) - Nurses begin to take bets on whether or not "Jr" will be born "today" or "tomorrow".

(2340) - Erika makes comment about wanting grapes when this is all over with (everybody laughs - even Erika).

(0014) - Benjamin William Adams makes grand appearance

(0020) - Greg counts 10 fingers, 10 toes

Okay, them's the facts. Now let me clue you in to the queues that nobody tells you about. There's not a doctor living that can tell you how long labor lasts, but there are a few clues that let the unexpecting Father know, something is about to happen. Cousin Steve - listen up!

1. When the Midwife continually leaves the room to make a phone call - that Baby's not coming out.

2. When the Midwife unpacks the "Baby Arrival Kit" wrapped up in sterile blue paper - you're closer, but not there yet.

3. When the Midwife dons her sterile smock and long gloves - you're much closer, but still not there.

4. When the nurse in the corner picks up the random "bat" phone on the table and says, "Delivery in Room Umpty Squatch" - you're so close you can imagine it, but still no Baby.

5. When 10 people you haven't seen all night suddenly march in to the delivery room and "man their battle stations" - You're close!

6. When nothing else seems to matter and time stands still - your Wife is giving birth to your Child; don't blink.

And those are the untold queues for every unsuspecting Father. And oh by the way, when the nurse in triage, at 7pm, tells you she'll be your nurse for the next 30 minutes - this doesn't mean this whole birthing process will be wrapped up by 7:30pm; it means the nurses' shift is up in 30 minutes. This is not the time to get excited - you've got a long night ahead of you.

Our friend Peg Tatum was the first one on scene to hold a blue hat and blanket. Benjamin, are you in there?:
Auntie Shelagh stops by to show Mom and Dad how to put Baby to sleep (like a pro!):

Jennifer and Philip Rogerson brought their 7 week old daughter Macy by to visit. Are arranged marriages illegal in Hawaii? Benjamin, I hope you like older women (only 1 trick up his sleeve right now - cry it out):

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I never understood why it took so long for people to send out the obligatory announcement e-mail soon after their child was born. When you live your life 1 feeding to the next every 1 - 3 hours... the day kind of slips past you. I think we're going to have a good night tonight, and then you'll see the obligatory announcement e-mail with picture, and more info on Benjamin's first days. He did very well at his 2 day check-up. Doctor said he was very healthy; although when he feeds 13 times in 1 day, how can you argue.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What, do you think I was born yesterday?

Introducing Benjamin William Adams (born: 12:14am / 12 May 2010 / 8lbs 2.4oz / 20 inches) Pictures are worth a thousand words. More text and photos later - sleep now!

Home today (13 May 2010)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Date Night!!!! Wednesday night was "Couple's Night" at Hope Chapel. Me and my hot date!
Belly bump! Like a chest bump, but the belly gets in the way.
Another scandalous evening of Bunko - this time a Las Vegas theme. Minus the 100 degree heat, scantily clad waitresses, and bright neon lights... but go with it.
We had the pleasure of spending this evening (Sunday 09 May) with our very good friends, Bill and Mary Kearns. Bill and Mary have been such wonderful mentors, role models, and friends to Erika and I during our time here in Hawaii, and are so glad we finally got an opportunity to share their company on the Lanai as the sun set over the Koolau Mountain Range.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

UPDATE: Erika's 38 Week Check-up --> She's 2.0cm+ dilated. Midwife said she could give birth tomorrow, or two weeks from now. I was hoping for something a bit more specific.

Well, it is apparent that both Grandpa and Dad need a quick lesson in Car Seat Installation 101. Thanks to none of you, my previous attempt at installing Jr's Pimp Seat was WRONG! Turns out the cargo tie-downs I had Jr's Seat strapped to are not approved for securing car seats [We deal with this in the Navy all the time - even though it makes complete sense to do something, unless it explicitly says somewhere that you can do it, you CAN'T do it]. So, even though the tie-downs are more than sturdy - they're not approved. Tripler Army Medical Center offers free car seat inspections. "Carol" spent about 30 minutes with Erika and I explaining the safety features of the car seat and demonstrating the proper installation. We highly recommend, if you've never installed a car seat - have someone show you. See below the correct car seat installation:
This evening, Erika had a gathering of ladies down around the pool. Pictured here, Peg (Margaret Anne) Tatum, Mom-to-be, Tiffany King, Judy Moody, and Brenda Chaloupka.
We almost forgot to mention our special guest this week. Mark Clookie, former resident of Pulu Alii, spiritual role model, and all around good guy, had lunch with Erika and I on his way back to D.C. from a long and arduous tour around the NCIS Empire. It was only after he got in his car and left, did we remember to take a picture.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And I thought I had issues getting a car seat hooked up in the Jeep. Check out Grandpa-to-be Adams and his quest for the perfect child seat location... ON HIS TRACTOR! Tree Farmin' and Baby Sittin' Wheweeeeeeeeh now I've seen it all.
On the Bucket?

In the Driver's Seat?

Tagging Along? Keep trying Grandpa... you'll figure it out for sure.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

16 Days - but feels like it could be 1? harder to sleep, frequent to pee, irritable - all signs it's time for our new roommate to upgrade his current apartment for a whole wide world!

We just had a wonderful evening downtown at Town. Yes, the name of the restaurant is "Town". Met up with our good friends Chris and Melissa Jones and Melissa's Mother Julie, in town from Portland (Oregon for all you Right Coasters - not Maine).

Dad had the Panino for dessert - Wikipedia tells me a panino is like a panini but with smaller bread. (bananas and chocolate + the best food group ever; the ice cream food group)
Mom had the Mango Sorbet... Yum!
Another big milestone - Dad installed Jr's new man-seat in the Jeep. Somebody please tell me if I installed it correctly. It seemed to fit best in the middle of the back seat, but the securing strap would not reach the designateds child seat latches as shown in the Wrangler Technical Manual, but they did reach the cargo tie downs. Should be fine, right? If nobody else knows, we'll let you know after our Child Safety Seat Inspection later next week to make sure Jr's safe as he pimps his ride.

Red arrows show the Latch Points - As shown here, secured to cargo tie downs.