Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Monday, November 28, 2011

Benjamin - On the Mend

It is obvious from these pictures and videos that our not-so-little man is feeling better after a respiratory infection turned ear infection. His cold is gone, and his ear no longer a bother...

"Sheriff" Benjamin is tough on Germs - His new word, "YUCK!"
Auntie Heather got this for me... Thanks Auntie Heather!

This is what it would be like if Toddlers competed in the Olympics. "Next up, Benjamin Adams in the Decathalon." In this event the athlete has to throw a ball, hit a ball with a hockey stick, then a golf club, and then run through the finish.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Little Boy

Benjamin and one of the rare occasions he was in full Halloween costume. He is our LITTLE MONSTER!!!

Hanging out in his half costume at Mr. Luke, Karen and Trevor Watson's house for a Halloween party... where's that CANDY!!?

Dressed in his Sunday's best ready for Church.

Order Up!!! I'll take a Milk on the rocks, hold the ice.

Helping his Auntie Alana make Halloween Cookies - Smocked up and ready to get messy!!!!

Auntie Alana, let me show you the makings of a good cookie.

Our friend's from Church, Alana Watson watches Benjamin. Looks like a scary movie...

Busy little boy!!!!

This is either tryouts for the next Olympic Hockey Team, or one minute in the life of a very busy boy....