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Monday, August 19, 2013

Monterey Summer!

Mom and Dad took the boys on a runaway biking adventure.  Cool dudes in their helmets!!!!

The Momma One took the boys to the Monterey Fire Department.  Wonderful firefighters --Thank You MFD!

No, it's not Halloween already.  It was costume day at 'KinderJams'.  Cutest Spider and Monkey I've ever seen!!!

Two Bubbas in their 'Muscle Tees'.  What BUBBAS!

"You Lookin' at Me?"

The Daddy One took the boys on a hike up to see 'Sloat Monument' overlooking Monterey Bay and the Presidio.

Afterwards we went down to the wharf where we got hold a parrott...  a 'Pirate Parrott'...

Goofin' Around..

The meanest biker gang you've never met...
'Goalie Benjamin' has his work cut out for him.
Is it me or did Noah try to eat the camera?
Dance Party 2013..  I'll let you decide who has the best moves.  I know who I'd vote for.
This is one of Noah's many new tricks.  The kid loves AIRPLANES.  He gets all worked up when he sees or hears them.  Our new thing is to go down to the Monterey airport and watch the planes take-off and land.  He puts his hand over his head mimicking the airplanes.
Is it okay that I smile inside when my son says, "That's Cool Dad."  ...  and he's riding a cannon.
His other new trick.  When he hears something, he puts his thumb to his hear letting you know he hears something.
Bog brother insisted on pushing his little brother.
He's got his Momma's moves!!!
That man can HOP!

At 'Lover's Point' in Pacific Grove
Making.... cookies, or something?
High Five to the Sloat Monument!
(Theme Song to Flash Gordon)..  "FLASH, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lots going on, on the West Coast!

Benjamin asked Dad to play "letters"...  don't mind if I beam with pride...  but this is awesome!
Everyone needs a personal planner... 
Crazy Cookoo-bird!
I give Noah 6 months before he catches Benjamin
LOVES his scooter.  Our neighbors let Benjamin have this scooter, and he loves it!!!!
Before he departed RI, Benjamin tries his hand at Lacrosse.  "How's that feel on your kneecap cousin Shea?"
DISCO!!!!  (I think these same songs were played at my High School Prom.) 
Noah's first haircut!
Mamma tickle-fingers
These two love to wrestle in bed.
Noah solo dance performance
We went to visit some friends (Luke, Karen, and Trevor Watson) in San Luis Obispo:
Best buddies:
Come on!!!!  You gotta admit he's good (must get it from the Silva-side of the family)
A regular Pele on our hands (Okay, settle down Dad)
Who's the kid with the yellow pom-poms doing his own thing?
Another dance party with Ms. Becky.
Mamma reading to her Hockey Bubba!  GO BRUINS!

This picture gets shown at Benjamin's wedding rehearsal dinner... 
Don't worry buddy, we all got 'em (Here's daddy's):
Brotherly Love!!!!

Noah's first bike ride.

I'm ready Dad!!!!  Got my helmet, Check!

Do you know this messy guy?!

Favorite time = Saturday morning cartoons

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This can only be the beginning of the next 20 years!  Lots of wrestle matches to come!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Benjamin and Noah Show

As advertised, a montage of videos from the last couple of months:
We're at the age where everything is taken literally.  Ma-ma says, "Point out everything".
This is one of the outtakes from the Marathon Pep Squad.  Was there a "Jenn-er" in there?
...In the Forest
Noah the dog whisperer...

Moves like his Ma-ma.  "When my brother is asleep I have free reign".
Silly Billy...
Why do insist on filming sideways?!?  This one is too funny to pass up.
1-on-1 (again with the sideways!!!!!)
Blowing out the candles!!!
Benjamin takes his brother for a walk
Noah returns the favor, but is easily distracted...

Monday, May 13, 2013


My sincerest apologies for our lack of blogging.  To all Benjamin's and Noah's adoring fans, let me try to catch you up on the last couple of months.
1. Noah learned to walk
2. We packed up all of our belongings and shipped them across the country
3. Greg drove across the country
4. Greg started school
5. Noah turned 1
6. Erika and the boys joined Greg 1 month later
7. Benjamin turned 3
Our first trip to Monterey Aquarium:

A day-trip to big Sur: 

Benjamin's 3rd Birthday (A rocket cake!!!!)

Benjamin and his "party friends" (what he called them all day)
Look what Ma-ma got Benjamin!!!  Uh-uh, uh-uh, let's go Bruins!!!!

Big Sur:

 Later that day at the Birthday, with his new roller skates:

Look who's facing forward in his car-seat...  and yes, his legs are THAT long.

Some pics from Erika's phone - most of these are from Newport, before we left.

Watching the Newport St. Patrick's Day Parade:

Benjamin and Pop-pop winding the clock!!!

Benjamin in Monterey.  The soon-to-be 3 year old:

At the aquarium, goofing off!

Noah's first haircut!!!

Monterey has a park on literally every corner...  two happy customers.

My new trick, as Big Brother eggs me on:

Easter Sunday...  what a handsome TRIO!!!!

Daddy SKYPEing with the Newport contingent on the celebration of Noah's birthday (not sure why I filmed it sideways - sorry):
Stay tuned for more videos...