Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A GREAT Fall Weekend!

Last weekend Benjamin went to his very first Portuegese-American cultural festival in Tuoro Park in Newport. Pop-pop said the only way to become a real Portuguese Man was to eat a Chaurico (pronounced "Chaurice") Sandwich -- Benjamin came away a "Real Portugee".

P.s. don't miss the videos at the very end!

Portuguese War-paint to commemorate the occasion.

Back home cruising around in his footie P.J.'s.
Several trips to the beach over the last couple weekends. Mom and Benjamin on the slide at First Beach:
Our little seashell finder:
A surprise visit by Pop-pop on the beach. Benjamin directing the shot:

Benjamin has becoem quite the swing connesuer.
Ma-ma and her Baby at the Newport Carousel:

Benjamin on the loose:

Crazy Dancer:

Crazy driver:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Post (Only took 2 months) and NEW NEWS!

Sorry, sorry, sorry. To Benjamin's adoring fans we apologize ten-fold. But we have news of some new news.

Erika is once again pregnant, due in April 2012. And so, the blog continues. We can't promise we'll be as diligent with the blogging, seeing that we're in the same time zone, and in most cases the same township as our respective families - and so most of our updates will be LIVE. But for those adoring fans that watch from afar... we'll indulge you.

But for now, we have some great pics and a VERY funny video of Benjamin eating an apple.

Benjamin's newest thing is to eat the entire apple. He tries to eat the core before Ma-ma or Da-da takes it away from him. The funniest part is the finger.... gotta watch out for that finger!

The next 9 pictures are from a Labor Day gathering at the Burnley residence. Jordan and Benjamin riding the tractor, playing chase me, and watching the chickens. Of note, Benjamin did get one of his little fingers pecked because the chickens thought they were little grubs.