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Friday, December 31, 2010

XMAS Blog Overload!!!

As you recall, we left off at Pre-Christmas in Rhode Island. Here's Benjamin enjoying his new car before heading off to the airport for Northern Virginia to see Grandma and Grandpa!
We stopped in to see Auntie Sheila, our long lost friend from Hawaii.
In carrying on an Adams Christmas-Eve (Day) tradition, we loaded on the Metro and headed downtown Washington D.C. to visit a museum. "Dad, what's a metro?"
"Grandpa, I love your hat, and I can't wait to see the museum..."
Benjamin being silly with Grandma before Christmas
Auntie Heather and Benjamin sharing a Christmas morning dance.
Extreme Benjamin close-up! (Hat with droopy antlers)
Momma and her Boy.
"Auntie Jennifer thinks I am Superman reincarnate... Faster than a speeding bullet."
Benjamin being silly with Grandma, again.
Grandpa's Main Man.
"Grandpa, you make a mean green bean mush-blend!!"
Benjamin being silly with Auntie Jen at the annual Adams Open House.

"Grandma, read to me!!!"
Hannah Giambastiani (daughter of high school friend Jennifer Giambastiani) and Benjamin... Precious.
Sierra Rushing (daughter of high school friend and best-man at Greg and Erika's wedding - Brandon Rushing) and Benjamin. Holding on for dear life.
A little snow in Providence gave us "extended play" in Virginia, and gave us an excellent opportunity to visit with our friends. Dad and Benjamin with Melissa and Sierra Rushing.
The Benjamin spots a Griffin.... Steve (Greg's cousin) and Chrisitie Wells stopped through on their way to see Griffin's Grandma and Grandpa in New Hampshire.
You might see this picture from a different angle, on a different blog (Christie's camera at the ready)... two worlds collide.
The stare down... Griffin seems much longer in the trunk, but Benjamin is thicker in the neck, head, thighs.... etc. Griffin weighs in at about 18 pounds and Benjamin tips the scales at 24 pounds.
Mom with the two boys. Impossible to get one picture with both looking at the camera. So here's two pictures with each of them looking at the camera. Cut and paste in your imagination.

After Griffin departs, Benjamin steals some time to get acquainted with this "stuff" called SNOW! "Does this snowsuit make my cheeks look fat?"
Grandpa's nose goes "Honk! Honk!"

Who's siller, Mom or Benjamin? I know what my vote is.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas-Anniversary (PLUS A Silva Tradition Realized!!!)

A quick sneak preview of Benjamin's FIRST CHRISTMAS!!! We're on a plane tomorrow morning for Grandma and Grandpa Adams, so we opened presents early.

"Dad! Wake-up, I think Santa came downstairs". Okay, Benjamin really didn't say that, what he really said was, "Dad, wake Mom up so she can feed me again....".

Who's the kid? Setting the pace for Christmas' to come.

Benjamin finally starts to get the hang of this "Christmas-thing". Doesn't care much for what's inside, just happy to be ripping paper and making a mess!!!

Pop-pop Silva has made it a tradition to read "The Night Before Christmas" to his grandchildren over the years; no exceptions here!!!

"Pop-pop, hurry before Mom sees you - slip that cookie in to my mouth"

Two special men, sharing a very special moment.

Amidst all the Christmas Chaos, Mom and Dad sneak out for a 3rd Anniversary Dinner.

"What kids?"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

DISCLAIMER: There are no (zero, nada, zilch, etc) photos of Benjamin in this blog post. So if you're disappointed with blog posts and no Benjamin... keep clickin', this blog isn't for you.

But if you're in to ARMY-NAVY 2010 photos, then BEAT ARMY!!!! Erika gets the hang of the ARMY-NAVY game early:
Erika and Joyce (Yang) Turner... at the U.S. Naval Dental Tailgate... ...never in a million years.
Nothing to see here, just 2 child-less parents at an ARMY-NAVY tailgate. What you don't see in these pictures is the 1,031 phone calls made back to home base in Rhode Island to find out how Benjamin and Auntie Alana were holding up. Of course they were fine.

Erika meets three of Greg's long lost, fellow Naval Academy Class of 1999ers: Richard Worthington, Rich Rasmussen, and Thomas Messina.

The rest of the '99ers... GO NAVY!

Where's Waldo!? Erika waits in the "Female" security line.
Good view of the Philadelphia skyline. USS Forestall (CV 59) in the distance, parked at the U.S. Navy Yard in Philadelphia.
Couldn't have asked for better weather. 40-45 deg F at kickoff.
Wind chill in the nosebleeds became a factor in the second half, but still smiling.
Looks like this one's in the bag!
Fireworks from the parking lot...
Ran in to Jamie Doffermeyer in line at Geno's Steaks after the game. Small world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Erika's phone collage

We downloaded all of Erika's pictures from her blackberry (she actually snaps quite a few pics with her phone, but they're not as easy as the camera to download from). So here's a collage of ones that made us laugh. In no particular order (some of these are a bit older).

Mom insisted we put some video of her trip with Auntie Alana up to Providence to see the Rockin' Rockettes!!! Merry Christmas Spectacular!!!!!