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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Benjamin's first stop at Day Care and "Ma-ma"

One small step for (a little) man, One giant leap for (his Ma-ma and Da-da) mankind. We did it! Not sure how, but we did it! We dropped Benjamin at daycare while Ma-ma and Da-da went to big people church! Here's Benjamin's smiling face as we picked him up. Sidenote: Kind of looks like Erika a bit more in this picture (the eyes). ....Make sure the numbers match!!!!
"Benjamin" - okay, he's ours.
Caught on film - Benjamin's first musings with the word "Ma-ma".

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cousins Shea and Jordan spent the night last night. The "Three Musketeers" brought Auntie Erika breakfast in bed....

The next two pictures were taken by Photographer Extraordinaire Jordan Burnley:

Staring Contest!!!!

Look at my new shorts!!!! Is it Spring yet?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We were lucky enough to have Benjamin's cousins visit today. The 3 boys playing well together:

"Cousin Christopher, check out my sweet ride. This is the lever that I sometimes pull."

"Cousin Jack, here let me show you how this works.... although it is really only a play phone, I still like to pretend it's real."

Attempt # 1, Benjamin trying to steal jack's Cheerios.

Who's carrying who?

"Listen very carefully Cousin Jack.... I know you have some Cheerios, now cough 'em up!"

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Forward!!!!!

Auntie Heather bought Benjamin this cool travelin' back-pack. It finally made it to Newport with Grandma and Grandpa last week. With the warmer weather creeping in, we've been out and about more than a few times in the backpack.
Mom, walk faster!!!!
Mom and Benjamin played out front of the Naval Health Clinic in Newport.... Naval War College in the distant background.
Have you seen my Ma-ma? I think she's hiding from me so she can sneak up on me.... be very very quiet, I'm huntin' Ma-ma's....
Today was beautiful - 65 degrees F, so we broke out the wagon. Benjamin's first trip around the house in the wagon. He was very good, sat still, and didn't try to climb out. We'll see how long that lasts.
Benjamin getting a feel for his new (old - bought it for $5.00 at a garage sale) tricycle. Now if I could just reach the pedals.
Benjamin got his very first haircut.... Ma-ma was sad because he no longer looked like a Baby... now he looks like a little Boy!!!!
Baby Einstein helps keep the attention while the scissors are wielded.

And the allusive walking.... even two days after this video he is much sturdier and pronounced in his steps... and he's fast. Uh-oh.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grammie and Grandpa come to town!

Benjamin, doing what he loves best.... PLAYING!!!!
The most wonderful thing about Tiggers.... they love Benjamin's
First and foremost, watch me feed myself!
Who, Me?
Guess who came to visit?!
Ma-ma and Grammie at Church.
Never a dull moment with the Silva-Burnley Ladies... Easy ladies, there's enough of me to go around!!!
Benjamin cheers hard for Boston University, no wait, Northeastern.... no wait.... THUMBS UP MAN!!!
Benjamin shows off his FORT!!!
I love having Grammie and Grandpa here!!!!
Ma-ma gets me excited before Grammie and Grandpa arrive at 7 Debbie Road.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

He walks!!! He walks!!!!

First and foremost, we must apologize - we didn't capture it on film. And when we attempted to recreate the step/walk, he feigned tired. So you'll have to settle for this description of the event from our none other than Ma-ma herself (with sound effects from Benjamin). We at least wanted to put down a marker on the blog for his very first step - Mark it 03 March 2011!

Ma-ma and Benjamin's morning ritual; Brusha-brusha-brusha!