Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shot Ninjas

Well we delayed it as long as we could. Although it wasn't a conscious decision to postpone Benjamin's first round of immunizations until his 3rd month (usually given at the second month after birth), but a move halfway across the globe with a baby and all of our stuff got in the way. Not sure anything (other than childbirth - maybe) can prepare a parent for that first blood curdling scream as the virgin skin is pierced by the needle. I knew that the physical act of administering the shot was something I was either going to sit in the corner and cringe, or roll up the 'ol sleeves and help. We played on the examination table on that crinkly rolled out sanitary paper. He laughed, stared in to my eyes... and then I slowly secured his arms. And out of nowhere two "shot ninjas" descended on Benjamin in the blink of an eye. They exacted their steely assault 3 times, effortlessly and with pure professionalism (those guys were really good). And although I didn't look down to see the needle pierce the skin, I saw those little round eyes turn playful to the size of silver dollars and then straight in to silent cry (you know the one where he opens his mouth, turns purple, but no sound comes out, until sound slowly begins to emerge from his tiny little belly.

All-in-all, not as bad as I probably made it out to be (drama sells). Just one of those things that is much better for baby in the long run... and just one of those things every parent and child must go through - a visit to the shot ninjas.

No pictures from today's events, but instead some more memorable shots from Benjamin's trip to see Great-Grandma Adams. Although a little more tired at the end of the day than usual, we did coax one of these beaming smiles from him today. A sure sign that everything is going to be just fine.