Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gymnastics and Vocabulary

Benjamin's vocabulary seems to be expanding daily. Here are the words Mama and Dada can decipher--as there are several more we're probably just not catching:

Yes, No, Puppy, Oops, Hot dog, Duck, One, Two, Three, Turtle, Night, Stars, Moon, Gus, Puck, Stick, Truck, Hat, Shoes, Juice, Done, Up, Hot, That, Mama, Dada, Bus, Car, Cracker, Tractor, Dog, Eyes, Nose, Yuck, Ball, Blue, Apple, Cool, Tree; Noises for a Cow, Horse, Sheep, Owl, Lion. And just before I wrote this, he looked at the tub and said "Bath".

Dada got to fill in for Mama at Baby Gymnastics at the YMCA. Our favorite is the first video.... is that amazing or what? He loves to run around!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ice Hockey and Turtles

One last thing before we get on the ice... a helmet. Benjamin is patient enough to pose for this picture as he tried on helmets. The helmet he is wearing is for 3-Years+; that's a big head.

We got on the ice, but weren't too keen on the skates. Here's our little hockey star being pulled around the rink by members of the St. George's Women's Ice Hockey Team.

On our way to the rink, we stopped for breakfast. One of Benjamin's new words, "Turtle."

Speed demon Benjamin...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yes... yes she did

Not sure if we've gone over the top on this one... but when you watch the first video, and you see how the young lad has taken so naturally to the sport... it helps to explain the purchase you see in the follow on videos. What you don't see is the skates (those will be under the tree - but of course he tried them on and they fit!!!)

Benjamin has seen several ice live hockey games now, and sat on the couch with Ma-ma and watched ice hockey with a big 'Ol grin on his face. So the movements you're seeing can only be those he's learned watching ice hockey. These first two videos he is using a toy golf club.

A young man needs the right equipment for the job... right?

A two sport athlete. I mean, the kid knows how to kick a ball.

Benjamin right now is asleep in his crib clutching tight to his "Tick"... his little Boston Bruins hockey stick. I mean, can you blame him? Benjamin's Ma-ma is the coolest.