Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Sunday, April 25, 2010

23 Days and Counting

How about 23 DAYS and counting? Are you excited yet? Spent the day at Pyrmaid Rock. (Alana, her belly is 39 inches in circumference).

The Braxton-hicks contractions have begun to become more frequent and intense. So frequent that Erika has to tell Dad how bad they are on scale of 1 - 10 so he can meter his reaction based on the intensity. So far we haven't exceeded 6 (Just for reference, a 6 is mild bruising and potential ligament damage -non-permanent- to Dad's hand as he grabs on for "comfort"). We can anticipate a 9 - 10 on the intensity scale to result in a bone crushing grip to the palm. Maybe we should keep Erika away from the gym (sorry Ed) as the big Day gets close - Dad's hands would appreciate it.

Some of Mom's friends at a recent Shower thrown by Shelagh Tavuchis. 1 Month Old, Macy Grace with her Mom Jennifer Rogerson; look at that cutie patootie - Jr, watch out!!! Look at the view from Shelagh's back porch - I guess it pays to be married to CO of Troops, or errrrrr, in LTCOL Chris Tavuchis' case it pays to be married to Shelagh Tavuchis.

Debbie Schwab, a fellow Tennis Damsel
Jennifer Rogerson, a 1-Month veteran Mom.
Jr's "MAN CAVE" has been established, complete with ferocious singing, twirley bears (RoooooaaaaaarrrrRRRRR!!!!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BLOG OVERLOAD!!! Lot's of updates and 'Talk Story'. Mom doing Jr's first load of laundry. Junior pay attention! Mom is only going to show you how to separate colors and add detergent once - the next time you're on your own. Okay, maybe a few freebies before we get him on the chores payroll.
Destroyer Squadron Thirty One Dining Out held at Hyatt Waikiki Ballroom. More Story in previous blog - pictures first:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dad (Greg) with Nainoa Thompson, Polynesian Wayfinder (Navigator). He claims he is "not a great Navigator, but a student of great teachers". Probably one of the best hour-long (plus) speeches I've ever heard... and I would have sat and listened longer. We are merely Brothers of the Sea. Nainoa was onboard the doomed 2nd voyage of Hokule'a when renowned Waimea Bay lifeguard and surfing legend Eddie Aikau went for help on his surfboard, never to be seen again. Now a legend in Hawaii you can see bumper stickers that read "Eddie Would Go". Read more (and you should) at: Three of us (Mom, Dad, and Jr) had a wonderful evening downtown at the 'DESRON 31 Dining Out'. About 150 Officers from the 4 DESRON Ships inport and their spouses, and representation from the spouses of those Ships deployed congregated at the Waikiki Hyatt Ballroom for Dinner, Dancing, and Gimmicks. Who's that Lady?
Check out more about Polynesian Wayfinding at:


Monday, April 12, 2010

Another great weekend, just the 3 of us! We went to Bellow's Beach and enjoyed the Surf and Sun. That's right, video!!!! We're getting dangerous. And setting ourselves up nicely for videos of Junior's first seconds and days.
Erika spends Thursday mornings with her lady friends at Dona Miller's house and runs them through the water aerobics ringer... Not sure who has more fun as Erika yells, "Let's get wet ladies!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WATCH OUT BUNKO-NATORS!!! Get your game face on ladies because Jr's gonna throw some dice! Mom hung out with the Kailua Bunko Club, and Jr hid an extra die up his sleeve (somebody has to tell me if having an extra die is even an advantage - like cards?)

If you like this site, check out our greatest friends in all of Laguna Niguel, CA - you might recognize them from previous blogs - Casey and JoAnn Hughes. Keep them in your prayers as they move in to their home, give Birth to Haylee, and begin their adventure as Owner/Operators of a brand new Chik-Fil-A in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

All right, we're increasing our blogging complexity and adding links. We have a few stories that have come our way that you MUST see:

1. Dad's Appalachian Trail Parable - How he got the Appalachian Trail Name "Privy Lizard" (

2. Greg's Easter Testimony (

Not to be forgotten amongst all this excitement, but we had a wonderful Easter Brunch with our friends Summer and Ryan Wood, and Summer's brother Clint (lives on the 'Big Island'). We ate at HALEIWA Joe's... and rolled out.

And of course we always love pictures that show Erika's burgeoning belly!!! (this is minutes before she headed out the door to swim laps)