Born 12 May 2010, Honolulu Hawaii

Monday, May 23, 2011

He's ONE.... He's ONE!!!!!

"Who, me?"

The clean, "before picture":

"Why is everybody staring and singing AT ME?"

"Not too sure about this."

"Never mind, I've got this figured out."

The family. Mom and Dad, all smiles.

A proud Auntie Alicia:

Benjamin and his girlfriend/babysitter Jessica.
Going for the hard stuff.... bottle water.

Cousin Jack offers words of advice, "Benjamin, trust me you don't want to get older. Stay 1 for as long as you can.... it's a tough world out there!"

Florida Vacation 2011

Benjamin and Ma-ma headed to Florida for some sun and fun, and to visit our long lost friends from Hawaii -- Macy and Jen Rogerson!

You might recognize Macy and Jen from the next two photos. Macy was the first Baby to visit Benjamin at home: ....And his first hand holding.
And here are those two beach babes, lapping up the Florida sun! Cheese!!!
Ma-ma and her little beach babe... Best seat in the house...

Blah!, blah! blah! blah! Going, going..... Gone!Bath time and Intermission.....

Chase me! Chase me!
High tea anyone! Lovely ladies and their hats, Macy, and Benjamin:May I have this dance?
"Mom, seriously? Please get this lamp-shade off my head. You're embarrassing me."
Handsome bunch!
Macy showing Benjamin how to "splash! splash!"Benjamin in his watercraft:

Pirate attack! "Give me all of your Mum Mum Crackers and no one gets hurt."
Benjamin and his Ma-ma at the beach!
The story of the Bee and the Flower. Too cute!

Now that's a picture worth a thousand words! Macy swipes a cracker and Benjamin and Mom's reaction are priceless. Benjamin is speechless.


"Excuse me, have you seen the gym around here?'

Farm Hand

It was Benjamin's time to learn how to drive the tractor. Grandpa instructs as Da-da looks on as safety! Keep 'er straight Benjamin!
Da-da and the newly branded farm-hand take a break from tractor driving to smile for this cameo. "Is it lunch time yet?"
Fresh air makes me SMILE!
Benjamin takes Auntie Heather to see the "Moooooooo" Cows!Back to Work! Da-da and Benjamin get pulled in the wagon as Grandpa drives.
We LOVE tires... especially big tractor ones. Drive faster Grandpa!
This farm hand takes a load off in the vibrating 'massage chair'. That tickles my hind parts.
All good farm hands need to learn to read and write. Auntie Heather, Jennifer, Grandma, and Grandpa got him this easel, markers, and crayons.... and art smock (good idea!), as he tests out the blue crayon.
As my good friend Bugs Bunny once said.... "That's all folks!"