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Sunday, June 17, 2012

No better way to spend a Saturday in Newport than picking STRAWBERRIES!!! Word of caution.  If this man comes to your strawberry farm looking for employment...  do not hire him.  He will EAT your profits.

Who me?

I never met a strawberry I didn't like...  in my belly.

Strawberry Schmawberry, I need my beauty sleep.

Strawberry Buddies

Not a lot of picking going on, just a whole lot of chewing.


Happy Father's Day!!!  Da-da's two boys made him this special hand and foot tree!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


HE SWIMS!!!!  Look at our little buddy go.  Noah dipped his toes in, but decided it was by far the coldest thing he'd ever felt (in his whole life).

Basking in his victory:

 Ma-ma and her swim buddies.

Noah and his sweet, sweet smiles:


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Dad took his buddy to a Red Sox game yesterday.  Best 5 innings of my life.  Although we don't know who won (even as I write I am not certain as to the outcome-- and pretty certain that was not the point of going in the first place), but at least we have a shared Fenway experience under our belts.

Biggest event of the day was watching Wally (the Green Monster Mascot) run around the infield.  Although we were a bit upset Wally wouldn't come say, "Hi!"  Second biggest event was when the Nationals hit a homerun...  albeit the wrong team, we celebrated with "Homerun!"

Benjamin finished off the night with two Fenway Dogs.  Cheering for the Sox (and the Nationals) can give a man a big appetite.